New Scientist: Too much sunscreen? UPF 50+ clothing is the answer

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New Scientist: Too much sunscreen? UPF 50+ clothing is the answer
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The New Scientist recently published an article suggesting that sunscreen may have a detrimental impact on a persons health overall. They went as far as to compare sunscreen to margarine.

At Solbari we think that sunscreen serves as an effective way to protect yourself from the sun, but should be used as a last resort rather than the first line of defence against UV radiation.

We believe sunscreen should be used when you have no alternative but to expose your skin to the sun.

We see the devastating impact every day in Australia of inadequate sun protection. So much so that the Australian Government recently recommended that sunscreen be used every day as part of a daily routine like brushing your teeth. It is costing the Australian Government and private health insurance companies hundreds of millions of dollars every year to diagnose and treat skin cancer and melanoma so you can understand why they are encouraging Australian’s to be sun safe.

Dermatologists agree that UPF 50+ sun protective clothing is the most effective way to prevent skin ageing, skin cancer and melanoma. UPF 50+ sun protective clothing is more effective than sunscreen because it offers consistent sun protection, whereas sun screen is an application to the skin which relies on the user applying the appropriate amount and reapplying regularly throughout the day.

At Solbari we promote a healthy, happy, outdoors orientated lifestyle. We also try to educate around the skin ageing, skin cancer and melanoma risks associated with UV overexposure. UPF 50+ sun protective clothing allows individuals to lead a healthy, active lifestyle whilst staying sun safe at the same time.

It is not widely known that not all clothing protects the same from the sun. Hopefully, over time that will change. We think that the general public would be shocked to find out that regular clothing (with a UPF 5) expose them to 20% of UV radiation.

Maybe the New Scientist can write an article about that? The families of the 1,500+ Australians who die prematurely due to skin cancer and melanoma every year are likely to agree with us.

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