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Sun Hats for Men

For men who spend the majority of their time outside throughout the year, whether this time is spent working in the backyard, fishing or at the beach, sun safety is crucial for maintaining healthy skin. With some of the highest UV levels across the globe, Australian men need to be especially vigilant with their sun safety. Solbari’s range of sun hats for men offer the very best in sun protection while helping you stay cool, comfortable, and protected during all your favourite activities under the sun. Designed to the highest quality our men’s sun hats provide full coverage protection that keeps you cool and comfortable. 

Our summer sun hats for men are made with a durable UPF50+ fabric, offering the highest sun protective rating available anywhere in the world. Combined with a lightweight and breathable design, protective UPF50+ fabrics, adjustable sizes, and broad brims that comply with Cancer Council standards, our summer hats for men will provide you with great coverage for your face, ears and back of the neck.


UPF50+ Men’s Sun Hats Provide the Strongest UV Protection

A sun-protective hat can make a big difference for your future self. Given the face, ears, nose, and neck receiving more sun exposure than any other part of the body, it’s no surprise that about 70% of non-melanoma skin cancers across Australia are found on the head or neck. What’s more surprising is that more men are diagnosed with skin cancer than women. This is why we at Solbari work hard to create protective yet fashionable UPF50+ sun hats for men that make being sun-smart simple while providing generous coverage for the face and neck.

Our men’s sun hat collection, from our men’s bucket hats to our men’s travel hats, are designed in Melbourne (Australia) using Australian and American sun protection innovations to comply with the strongest sun protection standards. All of our sun-protective fabrics are rigorously tested by independent laboratories and rated UPF50+ by the Australian Government to ensure it blocks at least 98% of UVA and UVB rays.

We have a range of wide-brim hats to provide the best sun coverage recommended by the Cancer Council — that is, a brim width of at least 7.5cm/3” for adult hats. This ensures you’ll find the best quality men’s sun hat to comfortably enhance your sun safety while enjoying the outdoors. 

For men with thinning or bald heads, it’s particularly important to wear a sun hat with full coverage. Fortunately, our Solbari men’s sun hats are designed with cooling properties to keep your crown comfortable, so you can protect the top of your head with one simple preventative measure.

Some of our summer hats offer high-quality sweatbands that wick moisture to keep you comfortable, while sun-protective mesh panelling on both sides of the hat allows for ventilation to help you stay cool. Many of our men’s sun hats also feature removable chin straps to keep the hat securely on your head on windy days. With different sizing options or a drawstring at the back of certain designs you’ll have adjustable sizing to ensure you find the perfect fit. 


Sun Smart and Stylish Men’s Sun Hats for Every Occasion

Solbari combines sun-smart and style to bring you a range of men’s sun hats in different colours and versatile designs. Our collection includes sun visorsfloppy sun hatsneck flap hatsbig sun hats and many more styles to ensure you’re fully protected from the sun’s harsh rays.  

We’re committed to empowering a sun-smart life that allows you to enjoy the outdoors with great sun protection. Which is why we have created an extensive range of men’s UPF 50+ sun hats suitable for every outdoor activity. From fishing hats designed for long hours on the water with a fully protective legionnaire-style flap to cover the neck in the heat of the day, to hiking hats with wide brims and breathable materials, there are a variety of options available to meet your outdoor needs. Or perhaps if you’re looking for something more stylish, our sun hats for the golf course or the tennis court would be perfect for protecting your head from the sun and keeping the glare out of your eyes.

Solbari aims to develop sun-safe products to protect your skin while enjoying the outdoors. We offer worldwide delivery to provide our UV protection technology to people in different countries. Experience complete sun safety with our range of sun hats for longer and more carefree days in the sun. Browse our wide range of kids' and women's sun hats online. 

Sun Hats for MenFor men who spend the majority of their time outside throughout the year,... Sun Hats for MenFor men who spend the majority of their time outside throughout the year, whether this time is spent working in the backyard,...