Under the Australian Sun: A Refresher

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Under the Australian Sun: A Refresher
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Two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70. 

The Australian sun is no joke.  

While we can see sunlight and feel the sun’s heat, we can’t see or feel ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This makes it easy to forget about – after all, ‘out of sight, out of mind.’ 

But in an age of invisible threats, from viruses to UV rays, it’s important to remember the realities of prolonged sun exposure that put our community at risk of skin, eye, and DNA damage, skin cancer and melanoma.  

Coming directly from the sun, UV radiation permeates 90% of cloud coverage, and can reflect off the surfaces of concrete, sand, and even snow. That means even the cloudiest and coldest of days cannot shield us from UV exposure.  

Aside from Australia’s predominantly fair skin type, what makes us particularly at risk to the adverse effects of sun exposure is our proximity to the Antarctic hole in the Earth’s ozone layer, a region of Earth’s stratosphere typically responsible for absorbing most of the sun’s radiation.  

Moreover, Earth’s orbit brings Australia closer to the sun during our summers. Coupled with clearer atmospheric conditions, Australians are exposed to 15% more UV radiation than individuals residing in the Northern Hemisphere. 

In a country where sun exposure accounts for 99% of all skin cancers diagnoses, it’s not surprising that increasing numbers of Australians are opting for both SPF and UPF protection from harsh UV radiation. According to the National Rural Health Alliance, farmers have a 60% higher death rate from melanoma than the general population. 

When it comes to the most efficient method of sun protection, however, sunscreen’s efficacy against UV exposure is often made redundant through the recommended (but often overlooked) 20-minute wait prior to exposure and the never-ending need to reapply.  

This is where UPF50+ sun protective clothing comes in. Offering consistent, cost-effective and safe coverage, there is no debate that UPF50+ clothing should be our first line of defence against prolonged sun exposure. 

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